Introducing Rice Mediterranean Kitchen!

Hi, and welcome to Rice Mediterranean Kitchen, a modern twist on the classic European dishes we grew up with!

With an emphasis on natural ingredients, prepared simply and served close to their source, Rice Kitchen is now cooking in South Miami on South Dixie Highway, at the former home of Rice House of Kabob. A second Rice Kitchen is under construction in the heart of Miami’s exciting Coral Gables neighborhood. We cannot wait to show you what we have planned for the Gables!

After years of careful recipe testing, refining and planning, Rice Mediterranean Kitchen now offers the most delicious and flavorful build-a-bowl concept you'll find. A bold claim, we know. But we're *that* confident in the culinary creations of our world-traveled executive Chef Ali Shabani. We know that if you try our food, you'll agree!

At Rice Kitchen, patrons can create their own meal of greens or grains, dressed with velvety dips and savory spreads, topped with hearty, flavor-packed proteins and seasonal veggies. Here's how to build your bowl:

First, pick your base. All selections are loaded with vitamins, like heart-healthy black lentils or artisan super greens. We also offer pita wraps for those of us who like to go fork-free 🙂

Second, select up to three dips or spreads. That's right, three! We know how much you're going to love these new tastes by Chef Ali, and we know it's going to be tricky to pick a favorite. If you like spice, we recommend the Smokey Eggplant Harissa or the Sriracha Tomato Hummus. But there’s also the savory-sweet Honey Nut Feta, our vitamin-rich Greek Yogurt Sumac and Charred Carrot Tahini.

Third, add some protein to your personalized meal with choices like our rustic Falafel, Roasted Seasonal Veggies, Braised Lamb and more.

Fourth, top it off with Organic Chickpeas, Pickled Banana Peppers and more!

Lastly, finish it off with our legendary Sumac Sauce, lip-smacking Lemon Tahini, Harissa Vinaigrette, Spicy Sumac or Lemon-Infused Olive Oil.

When we founded Rice House of Kabob so many years back, we had no idea how much loyalty and love we would receive. Miami is where we chose to raise our children and set down roots, so it’s very special to us to be able to serve you the food we grew up with and continually raise the bar!

Sincerely and with Gratitude,

Chef Ali, Esi, Jafar and Reza Shabani

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